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Dec 6, 2016



Our crew and callers share their memories as Street Soldiers celebrates another year of keeping young people Alive and Free. We also have our soldier on the street, Larry Dorsey Jr., share his experience at Standing Rock.  Stay tuned!

Nov 21, 2016

We share with what we are thankful and grateful for this year.  

Nov 14, 2016

According to African Oral Wisdom, to say that man is divided is not simply to speak of a  divided group, but of every individual in that group.  Consciousness of that generic divison requires that everyone know, or ought to know, that each of us represents something greater.  And so tonight we invite you to join us as we examine and discuss what happened and what's next.  Please stay with us.

Nov 7, 2016

Lateefah Simon is on the air with us as she discusses her run for BART Board of Directors.  We chat in-house and with callers to see how, what, and why people are voting for different issues. Stay tuned!

Oct 31, 2016

We analyze the thought-provoking documentary 13th and the remake of the the 1915 movie, Birth of a Nation.

Oct 31, 2016

We are honored to introduce you to Leland Faust, the author of A Capitalist's Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America.


Please join us. 

Sep 27, 2016

We chat with our studio crew and members of the community as we chat about the upcoming presidential debates.  How do you feel about the upcoming election?

Sep 20, 2016

Alive & Free Street Soldiers Radio discusses the history of sports and protests.

Sep 14, 2016

Dorsey Nunn of All Of Us Or None joins Street Soldiers Radio to talk about the prison system, voting, and banning the box.  

Aug 30, 2016

We start off our show with a tribute to our admired elder, Dr. Mallory, who passed this week at the age of 93.  Ms. Estell says "Elders are a treasure," and you'll learn why. 

Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49er's refused to stand during the national anthem during a pre-season game.  He explains "There are a lot of things that are going on that are unjust (that) people aren't being held accountable for.  And that's something that needs to change".  We chat with our callers to see how they feel about his actions.  



Aug 21, 2016

Have you been keeping up with the Olympics this year?  We've found them encouraging, inspiring, and motivating to keep doing our best. We want to know how the Olympic spirit has affected you.

Aug 17, 2016

Alive & Free has many things to celebrate this week! We want to honor our recent college graduates as well as our newest collegians who are heading off to their first year of higher education.  Join us as we honor our community.

Aug 1, 2016

These mother's have lost children to senseless gun violence.  They are bringing communities together to help heal and reveal the those who have caused the violence. 

You can see more at Just Us Ma's and Justice for A'tierra Westbrook 

Jul 26, 2016

We talk to Asani Shakur who is from Richmond, CA.  

"The street commerce of drug dealing became my occupation, which led me to other illegal hustles", he says.  He faced federal drug charges in 2007 and was released in 2012.  Four years later, he graduated top of his class from UCLA Summa Cum Laude.  We share his story on how he accomplished this feat.  

Jul 11, 2016

It's time to open your hearts and minds as we delve into the sensitive issues that occurred this past week.  We welcome our guests to share their thoughts about Alton Sterling in Louisiana, Philandro Castile in Minnesota, and the police officers in Texas who all lost their lives. 

Jun 29, 2016

We want to know what news stories have been on your mind! We talk about the Brexit, Reggina Jefferies, the Oakland Police department and more! 

Jun 21, 2016

Street Soldiers Radio shares Father's Day with Gus Smith, a father who gave his all to help his daughter, Kemba Smith, as she faced a mandatory sentence of 24 1/2 years in federal prison, despite being a first-time, non-violent offender in 1994.  With her family's support, she regained her freedom when President Clinton granted her executive clemency in 2000.  

You can read Kemba Smith's book, Poster Child, to hear more of her story.  

Jun 13, 2016

Music- it can bring in peace or cause pandemonium, it can soothe or slay, it can trigger joy or sorrow, it can fire you up or slow you down.  so tonight, we invite you to tune in as we take a look at today's contemporary music.

May 23, 2016

We believe that children are the future and we must teach them well and prepare them to lead the way, while showing them all the beauty they possess inside. And tonight we invite you to join us as we hear from a group of children Paul Revere Academy who we hope to one day~ lead the way with the Alive & Free message. Please join us.

May 16, 2016

Alive & Free Street Soldiers Radio talks about the difference between Game and Wisdom.

How can you tell the difference?

Share with us your thoughts at

May 11, 2016

We chat with Kemba Smith, author of Poster Child, as she shares her heartfelt trip to the White House and has lunch with President Barack Obama.

Our Collegian, Elexus P. Hunter, is graduating Clark University this year, and has published her first book, Tragic is Magic.  We are excited to share her story as she reveals how she dealt with her anger, fear, and pain on her journey as a young adult to a college graduate.

We ask, who has been your guide in life?

May 9, 2016

We talk about the importance of the mother figure, how Mother's Day has changed, and share stories with our callers as we talk about Mother's Day.




Apr 25, 2016

Street Soldiers Radio honors the great Prince with stories and calls from the Bay Area.

Apr 18, 2016

Operation Genesis has returned home from their epic journey from Ghana, Africa! Police Officer Jason "JJ" Johnson and his team share their stories as his students visit Africa and donate their time and resources.

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